An Explanation of Sorts, Part II.

Nearly a year ago I decided to write haikus. My reason?, I couldn't tell you for the life of me. I think I wanted to push myself, to expand my borders, do something I don't do. It ended after the 22nd post due to my usual act of finding something else to do and getting side tracked.

So here I am, July, 3 weeks from leaving Oregon and going to Western Illinois University to get my Masters in Experimental Psychology, attempting to resume what I started.

My reason for this sudden re-interest? Well to be honest I've been inspired by a writer. After reading some her work and getting to know her, I realized that this is an output that I may benefit from.

I cannot promise to write one per day, or one per week, all I can say is that I can try to write these haikus when I get around to it, when it becomes relevant in my life. The first few weeks I'm sure will be a lot, and then will caper off as I am want to do.

So here we go, Haikus part 2

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