An Explanation of Sorts

Welcome! So I sit here on a cool summer night listening to my iTunes on random (Eiffle 65 if you must know) watching my roomate play WoW (shocking! server: Suramar btw) and I got to thinking, why not start something larger than myself? Hell, if nothing comes of it I will have at least written and thought a lot more than I would on any given day.

Anyways, the Haiku: a Japanese poem set in 5-7-5 verse (if you disagree with my simple explanation then let me know, I will write a personalized haiku about how much I actually care).  Lately for fun I starting thinking of them more and more and thought it was about time I both a) did something productive, and b) wrote more haiku's. So here I go, my challenge: one haiku a day. Any subject, whatever I feel, if you have a request, well, I dunno what to do at this point with them... how about... yeah eff it, I don't know.

 I'm not sure what else to say... Wish me luck?

- Ragtag Creature

1 comment:

  1. A fine idea!
    A haiku explains it all:
    Life, love, liberty.